Two Favorite Cruise Destinations

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If you are planning your first cruise vacation, you are really in for a treat. Being a veteran of more than a dozen cruises, I can tell you that there is no better way to spend a vacation. You will see some beautiful places and yet have the opportunity to completely relax as you cruise along through tranquil waters.

My wife and I have visited many different islands and cities on our cruises. We are frequently asked about our favorite places. Since many first time cruisers take a Caribbean cruise, we thought it would be best to tell you about two of our favorite Caribbean destinations and let you know why we feel that way.

One of our favorite places to visit is the beautiful country of Belize. Because Belize does not have a deep water port, your ship will dock about a mile out in the Caribbean and you will be taken into Belize City on a tender. In Belize these are usually speed boats that, although provided by the locals, are safety inspected and dependable.

When you are in Belize you have many choices. You may wish to visit some of the outlying islands, called Cays. There are many that have beautiful beaches and resorts. Or, you may choose to take a tour of Belize City and hear the story of these friendly people.

Our choice in Belize, however, is to go cave tubing. A guide will take you into the inland part of the country where you will see beautiful jungle-like settings. Belize has a river system that flows through several caves. Your guide will provide you with a large inner tube, a small light that straps around your head, and then you will join a caravan of tubers and gently float down the river through the beautiful landscape. Your trip will take you through several breathtaking caves. It is a sight to see!

Another favorite destination is Roatan. Roatan is one of the Bay Islands of Honduras, just a short cruise from Belize. This friendly island has beautiful beaches and breathtaking vistas from high atop green verdant hills. We love to drive along the island (we even have a favorite cab driver!) and then go to the West Bay area and snorkel. The beautiful coral reef that runs by Roatan is near the beach and you will see some of the most beautiful underwater plants and tropical fish anywhere in the world! And you can do it as you snorkel not 50 yards from the beach!

When in Roatan stop at one of the local shops along the road. There you will be greeted by some of the prettiest children you will ever see — many of them selling trinkets. One of my proudest possessions is a hand carved dolphin made by a small child in Roatan. I keep it in my office on my credenza!

Well, there are two of our favorite ports to visit whenever we cruise in the Caribbean. We hope you can visit these beautiful locations real soon on a cruise of your own.

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