The Five Golden Rules When Taking a Cruise Vacation

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When we talk about golden rules, we are talking about rules that you should always keep in mind because they are vital guidelines that will keep you in a straight line headed in the right direction. Here are the Five Golden Rules when you are planning your cruise vacation.

Golden Rule #1: Always do your homework.

The rationale behind this is if you don’t plan ahead and do your homework you may find yourself on a cruise that doesn’t measure up and your vacation will end in disappointment.

Golden Rule #2: Choose the right time of year.

Choosing the right time of year for your cruise based on your chosen destination is very important because if you don’t it can ruin your vacation.

For instance, if you are planning a Caribbean cruise, Fall may be the wrong time of year because it is hurricane season. Summertime in the Caribbean can be hot and muggy. Wintertime is the best time to choose a Caribbean vacation.

Winter is not the best time for every cruise vacation. For instance, if you are planning an Alaskan cruise it would be better to go right in the middle of summer. First, you will escape the summer heat at home, and second, you will also be more likely to have pleasant temperatures on your cruise. If you choose the very beginning (late spring) or the very end (early fall) of the Alaska cruise season, the weather may be colder and wetter.

Golden Rule #3: Always arrive in the city of your debarkation a day early.

Why you’ll want to do is pretty obvious when you think about it. If you plan a flight that gets in at noon and your final debarkation time is 4:00 pm, what happens if your flight is delayed? Always arrive a full day before your cruise is scheduled to leave and book yourself in a hotel with easy access to the cruise dock.

Golden Rule # 4, Plan a budget and stick to it

This is very important because it is very easy to overspend. On a cruise ship you do not use cash for anything — until you receive your final bill! Everything is signed for — making it easy to lose track of what you are spending.

A good trick is to pull your bill up on the TV in your stateroom each night and review it.

Golden Rule # 5, Choose the right cruise line

This could certainly include choosing a Disney cruise if you have youngsters, a Carnival cruise if you want a younger, party atmosphere.

My personal favorite is Royal Caribbean, a cruise line that I have always found to be professional and courteous but also fun and exciting. Choosing the right ship to fit your personality will make a big difference in how much you enjoy your vacation.

If you are planning a cruise vacation, do your homework. Give some thought to where you want to go and the right time of the year to go there. Consider the cruise line you choose definitely watch your budget.

Have a great vacation!

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