How to Travel Safely

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Safety should be a major concern when you travel, especially if you are going to an area you are not familiar with. Keep reading for some useful tips you can apply to stay safe while travelling.

Do plenty of research on the area you want to visit, especially if you are going to another country. You should look at the crime rate, find some local news and if possible talk to people who have been there in the past. If you find that an area is definitely not safe, it is best to find another destination. Keep in mind that all big cities have their dangerous areas. Make sure your accommodations are located in one of the safest neighborhoods.

Let a few close friends or relatives know where you are going and plan on checking with them regularly. You should give them a call to let them know you safely reached your destination and stay in touch with them during your trip. If you are going on a road trip, give them a copy of your itinerary. You should also give them a photocopy of your ID in case you lose your wallet and some cash so they can wire you some money.

Carrying a map with you at all times can help you avoid dangerous areas and always find your way back to the hotel. It is best to study maps in advance so you are already familiar with the areas you want to visit. If you plan on taking public transportation, print some schedules and maps in advance to navigate the public transportation system with confidence. Be discreet when you look at your maps and schedules since you could easily become a target if you appear to be lost.

Do your best not to look like a tourist. If you get lost, the best thing to do is pick a direction and walk until you find a street sign or someone you can ask for directions. Instead of asking for directions in the street, find a store or a restaurant and ask directions to the owners. If you are going to another country, learn to say a few things in the native language, including asking for directions. Always carry the address and phone number of your hotel with you so you can find your way back.

If you are going abroad, make sure your cell phone will work. Some cell phones are designed to work on a certain frequency and will not work on a foreign network. Besides, your plan might not include international travels. You should give your cell phone service provider a call to find out whether or not you will be able to make calls abroad. Consider upgrading your plan, borrowing a cell phone that will work abroad or new phone with some minutes on it when you reach your destination.

These tips will help you stay safe while you travel. Remember that the key to staying safe is to prepare yourself in advance for all kinds of situations.

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