Why You Should Choose A Cruise Vacation

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If you love to travel, you should consider a cruise vacation. In the past few years, there have been some mishaps aboard cruise ships, but overall, a cruise is a fun and safe vacation. The media will cover the rare cruise ship fires, but they fail to mention the many cruises that happen safely every day of the year.

If you look at the price of a cruise, it is actually a very cost effective vacation. Just compare the cost of a traditional vacation to a theme park to the cost of a cruise. If you were to take your family of four to Orlando for a visit to the theme parks, you will be paying for the hotel, you will pay for meals, and you will have to pay for admission to the theme parks. This can easily come to $500 per day or more, or $3500 for a week. Now, for a cruise, you will pay for the cruise, which can be as low as $620 per person, or $2480 for a family of four for a one week cruise.

When you pay for a cruise, you are paying for not only the cabin, but the price also includes meals and entertainment. There is a wide range of dining options on most cruise ships. There are buffets open three meals a day. You can eat in the main dining room. Many modern cruise ships also have several specialty restaurants and other dining options, including burgers, pizza, sandwiches, and caf├ęs. Most of the dining options are included in the price of the cruise, but some options do carry an additional fee. But isn’t $30 per person worth it to dine in a high end steakhouse?

Theme parks can provide a great vacation. But the shore excursions on a cruise are so much more fulfilling. In most ports of call, you will have a wide variety of shore excursions to choose from. You can take a tour of the city or island, or visit local markets to do some shopping. If you want a relaxing time, some ports of call offer a serene sunset cruise on a sailboat or catamaran.

If you have a taste for adventure, many ports of call, especially in the Caribbean, offer parasailing or zip lines through the jungle. Other shore excursions take you scuba diving or snorkeling. For a lower key excursion, however, you may choose to simply lie on the beach and soak up the sun. But you certainly do not need to go on a shore excursion on the cruise. You can simply relax on board the ship next to the pool, or in one of the hot tubs.

A cruise vacation can be much more cost effective than a traditional vacation, and provide you with plenty of options for fun. The dining options on a large cruise ship are many and varied. And the shore excursions provide you with a wide range of fulfilling activities. And of course a cruise offers the opportunity to simply relax.

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