Travel Planning: Have A Nice Flight

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We all like a holiday now and again whether it is somewhere in our own country or going abroad. Those of us who fly to our destinations maybe classed as lucky by some but if the flight proves to be problematic then it can totally ruin the whole holiday, and that is not something we want to happen.

When you go on a road trip you always try and plan everything in advance, but when it comes to flying most people just turn up at the airport half a sleep, discover they are missing something like a passport, some even manage to miss their flight even though they have already checked in. So in order to help you plan for a good flight here are a few tips:

Do Not Fly Tired

A lot of international long haul flights leave between 7am to 12pm, and if you have a long drive to the airport you may find yourself getting out of bed at 4am, so by the time you turn up you already feel like collapsing. Save yourself this trouble and stay in the airport hotel the night before, youÂ’re already spending decent money on the holiday, so spend a little more and get it off to a good start by having a relaxing sleep before your flight.

Check In

Always make sure you have your passport in a secure but easily accessible place such as your hand luggage. Weigh you luggage before you leave for the airport, a cheap pair of scales only costs a few dollars and may save you a lot of hassle having to unpack at the check in while everyone else stares at you.


If you want to fly through security then make sure that before you get to the airport you have whatever is usually in your pockets in your hand luggage, as well as any belts, chains, and anything else that may set the alarms off. Do not have any liquids in your bags, and always put your laptop in a tray on its own.

Airline Food

Not everyone likes airline food so buy some chocolate and sandwiches before you board so you know you’ll have something to eat. If you still have the sandwiches when you land throw them in the bin as soon as you get off the flight otherwise you may get into trouble at customs.

Immigration and Customs

Make sure you have filled out any paperwork that is required before getting to the counter, and always be polite and smile to the immigration officer. If you have said you have no food on the paperwork and you are found to have some then expect a hefty fine and a black mark against your name. If you do have food you want to take into the country, ask customs, that is what they are there for, you are not a food smuggler.


Once you leave the airport and you are going to use a taxi, then always make sure that the meter is on before they drive away, it can save a lot of hassle later on.

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