Top Travel Destinations: A List

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If you aren’t sure where you would like to travel to, this is the article for you. We detail this year’s best travel destinations from all around the world. Whether you want the tropical heat or a cultural oasis, you’ll find at least one spot on this list which tickles your fancy.

It’s amazing that you can stay within the United States and yet visit a location which offers cultural enrichment, top eateries and amazing park space. New York truly has it all, from the Statue of Liberty to Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

There are dining establishments run by some of the top names in the field as well as shopping which provides you with items you just can’t find anywhere else. Don’t forget to check out Grand Central Station before you make your way home!

Anyone who is asked of a location they dream of visiting is likely to mention Paris, France. The attractions are truly stellar: Notre Dame, The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, and more. There is much more to this grand city than just the attractions, of course! Hideaway bistros with amazing fare and amazing fresh baked goods which will tickle your tastebuds lie throughout the city. When it comes to retail therapy, no city does it better! From flea markets to Prada, anyone can find a shopping location which fits their needs.

The largest city in Britain, London allows you to check out royalty just before you shop on high street. You can experience their food, fashion, beer and history within a single block. The Royal Opera House is a must visit location, then make your way to Oxford Street to do some serious shopping.

Harrod’s cream tea is an afternoon delight, but be sure to get some fish and chips for dinner one night. Take a trip to Abbey Road and walk just like the Beatles did, then head over to the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street for a bit of fun.

Toronto, Canada is one of the most interesting cities in North America. It is a true melting pot with people of all cultures making their home here. Whether you would like to dine in a Tibetan venue, or you instead feel like French cuisine, there isn’t a single nationality not represented here when it comes to food.

Tack on cultural venues, fun entertainment and attractions like the Science Centre, and you’ll never be at a loss for something exciting to do or see. The best time to visit is in the spring or fall when tourists are not at their peak, yet the weather is warm and enjoyable. Also, don’t bother renting a car – the TTC transit system will get you around town quickly and easily.

These locations are truly the best in the world, so start doing your research on any which you find attractive. You’ll be able to locate information on places to stay, eat, shop and visit so you can easily plan your trip. Enjoy your time away and create memories which will last a lifetime!

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