Travel Destinations: Dude Ranch in Big Sky Country

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Are you tired of the same old, same old for your family vacation? How about trying something really unique? Have you ever considered a dude ranch? I know; I know. The first thing that comes into your mind is City Slickers, that movie with Billy Crystal and Jack Pallance – where everything that could go wrong does go wrong. Trust me. This dude ranch vacation will be nothing like that!

What I’m talking about is a luxury dude ranch – a luxury resort in Big Sky Country. We’re talking a beautiful, rustic but luxurious lodge in the middle of Montana. Gourmet chefs. Treasure hunts with GPS devices. White water rafting. But if you really want to rough it, they offer that option as well – something for everyone.

Some of the activities they offer will remind you what you’ve been missing all those years living in the city … commuting 40 miles to your downtown office, chauffeuring the kids to their soccer games. You’ll wonder what you ever saw in those Caribbean islands with their pristine beaches. Well, maybe not; but you need a change and a dude ranch – THIS dude ranch – is definitely that.

Besides the obvious – horseback riding, clay shooting, fly fishing, lake activities of all kinds, they also offer balloon rides, rappelling, white water rafting, chuck wagon dinners, and, of course, a cattle drive. Yes, they have that too. It doesn’t matter whether you are just newly acquainted with the back of a horse or if you’ve ridden all your life. You will have the experience of a lifetime assisting seasoned ranch hands as they drive a herd of cattle across the prairies.

But that rough riding is bound to make your muscles ache. The beauty of a resort ranch is that you can walk away from that cowboy life and right into their luxury spa at the lodge for a nice, relaxing massage. Top that off with a swim or a dip in the Jacuzzi and you’ll be ready for that gourmet dinner awaiting you in the dining room.

Or perhaps you would prefer to rough it in one of their luxury tents. They’re the size of a suite at the Hilton at least – and boast a full, queen or king-sized bed inside and all the amenities of the Hilton! It’s the perfect family vacation.

There are plenty of fun activities for the kids as well, with and without Mom and Dad. At the end of the day you can all gather together around the chuck wagon for a classic trail-side meal and swap experiences.

Now that I have you sold on the idea, you’re wondering about the cost. Well, I won’t lie to you. This is not your bargain vacation. This is your vacation of a lifetime — an experience you’ll call back to your memory constantly. It is something completely unique. I highly recommend that you leave that commute and city smog behind to spend a week in Big Sky Country – Montana.

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