Packing Tips for Vacation Success

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When you go anywhere, be it your Mom’s house for the weekend or Japan for a month, you have to bring the right supplies. From clean socks to your toothbrush, forgetting any one item could lead to disaster. The tips below will help you pack perfectly, ensuring your trip isn’t hampered by packing mistakes.

The first step is to figure out exactly what you will need. If you moisturize your face each night, don’t stop just because you are away. Don’t forget medicines, toiletries, sleepwear and anything else you use every day. Pay attention to what you do, wear and use at home, then make notes about the items you would also need while on vacation.

Once you have those notes completed, turn them into a packing list. It should be comprehensive, even including a list of the actual bags you plan to use. Include how many of each item you have packed and even the color to be sure nothing is forgotten. Pack the list with your bags so that you can use it again when you are packing up everything at your hotel to come home.

Be sure to measure those bags to ensure they meet the restrictions your airline places on baggage. There will be different rules for the bag you carry on with you than those you check, so be sure you know exactly what you are up against. Don’t forget to weigh your luggage as going over the limit can mean you have to pay fees. Saving money always starts with being prepared!

Bring neutral colored clothing only so that you can mix and match your outfits. If you want to change your look, wear a different belt, add a jacket or put on some glitzy jewelry. You can even top yourself off with a hat that fits what you are doing for the day, such as a floppy hat if you are going to the beach or a headband if you plan to go to a restaurant.

Consider how you will spot your bag when it comes out onto the luggage pick-up area. Does it stand out from the crowd? If not, do something so that it does. Cover it in rhinestones or sew on a cute embroidered patch. Put a day-glo tag on it which also includes your name, address and phone number, just in case it is lost. Anything you can do to make sure you spot it as it travels along the conveyor belt will make getting out of the airport fast and efficient. That said, don’t go overboard! If you put anything on it which causes it to snag on other luggage, it may become damaged.

While this list is very simple, it is truly the foundation of smart packing. Once you start using these tips, you won’t go wrong. Be sure to keep them in mind as you pack for this trip, your next and all the rest ahead of you. If you need to, print it off and keep it handy for future adventures.

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