Cheapskate Vacations: Save Money, Have a Blast

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When you plan for a trip, you may find that expenses begin to skyrocket. Soon, you may feel like vacations are only for the rich. If you want to stay in five-star hotels and travel like a king, it will cost a small ransom, but if you are willing to cut some corners and be frugal, you can have the vacation of your dreams on a budget. Read on to find out more.

You should have rewards points built up, so now is the time to use them. AirMiles aren’t only good for flights after all! From Aeroplan to AirMiles to Hilton HHonors points, you probably have a ton of cards in your wallet which can be used for your adventure. If your credit card gives you cash back on purchases, use it to make all of your reservations. Check out what you have available and visit their rewards catalog to see if there are any options you can use on your trip. Even if it is movie tickets, that gives you something to do while away!

Local coupons are all the rage on sites like Groupon today, so sign up for an account in the city you plan to travel to. You may get deals for restaurants, attractions and retail outlets, allowing you to save as you eat, play and shop. Remember that some deals won’t have their vouchers sent to you for a few weeks, so be sure to start planning early and read the fine print on any deal which you buy. Also check out the expiry and use dates so you know that the voucher is available for use during the time you will be in that area.

Saving on transportation can be as simple as driving to your location. This saves you money on renting a car or paying for a flight, but can take forever if you are traveling a great distance. If it’s just too far to drive, buy tickets for an overnight flight, bus or train ride as the price is usually reduced. Learn about the transportation system in the area you are traveling to and make use of it instead of renting a car. A week-long bus pass is often just $10 or $20, and it covers travel for your whole family as frequently as you need to use it.

Talk to a travel agent to find out if they have any packages available where you plan to go. This can include a car rental, hotel room, attractions and even food. If there is a resort nearby, you may end up spending less on a stay there when compared to staying in a hotel and dealing with food, transportation and events on your own.

Stress seems to go hand in hand with going on a trip, but the more you plan, the less anxiety you will feel. If you can get everything in order, you won’t end up spending money frivolously. Use these tips so that your amazing vacation goes smoothly and you end up having a great time.

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