Budget Travel: The How-To Guide

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Just because you don’t have a lot of money to spend doesn’t mean you can’t travel, and travel in style, no less. The right tips and tricks can help you plan for a frugal yet fabulous trip. Reading this article in full will teach you everything you need to know about cheaply visiting the places you desire to go.

When you can bundle the things you want to do, you can get big discounts. For example, buying an all-inclusive trip often cuts your costs down to a minimum. There are package deals which include both airfare and hotel that end up giving you a huge discount. Talk to a travel agent about your budget and see if there is any sort of bundle they can offer you within it.

Sometimes you should follow your heart, and other times you should follow the dollar. Traveling to countries where the exchange rate is in your favor can help you travel in luxury at frugal prices. For example, Mexico can be a very cheap destination because their peso isn’t worth much. Create a list of countries where the cost of living is low and consider which would be the most fun to visit.

Restaurants and room service are expensive treats you should only enjoy once or twice on your trip. Instead, save money by preparing your own food. You won’t be able to cook much, although you can often ask the staff at your lodging if you can use a microwave. Instead, eat salads, sandwiches and other meals which don’t require any cooking at all. Use the bar fridge to store condiments, or just stick them in a bucket with ice. Drink water out of the tap if the country you are in has a good water filtration system, otherwise ask at the front desk for a kettle and boil it first.

Don’t bother taking cabs or buses around; instead plan out the time you need to walk to the local attractions. Create a map of the places you want to go and figure out which are closest together. Then you can walk from place to place, saving a ton of money on transportation costs. Find out if your hotel or the airport offer free shuttle service and make use of that when you land and depart as well.

Traveling at times when few tourists are in town can garner you huge discounts. The off-season is a time when hotels, attractions and eateries need your business to stay afloat. Find out when the least popular travel times are at your destination and then talk to the hotel about how much of a discount you could get. You can even mention that you are considering another hotel who offered you a better deal and they might sweeten the package they offer.

Travel is available to anyone and everyone who desires it badly enough. Even if you have to scrimp and save a bit, you can travel cheaply and still have a great time. If you love to learn new things, visit new places and experience new cultures, use these tips and fulfill your dreams!

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